Established in 2016, after a chance 30th birthday gift of three pet lambs from Lucy to Nick, the farm has grown to over 300 ewes, several cattle, pigs and a smattering of poultry.

Starting a farm with no family farming experience, or financial backing(!) is not something that many have tried and even fewer have succeeded. However, despite all the challenges, the diverse backgrounds and fresh outlook that this route has allowed us unique and incredibly valuable. 


Animal welfare is at the forefront of our business model. No compromise will ever be made where welfare is concerned.

For this reason, hardy, native British breeds such as the Lleyn Sheep, Jersey Cattle and Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs were chosen. Using breeds that are suited to living outside and growing on grassy pasture allows us to minimise the amount of extra feeding required and the animals are healthier so need fewer medicines and treatments. As an experienced vet Lucy is perfectly positioned to constantly assess and adjust the management and nutrition of the animals to ensure they are happy, healthy and productive.



Though we are a young farm our story has taken a fair few twists and turns, our story so far goes in to more detail. 

The Farm