"Quality meat provided by fantastic people who care for their animals. This is how it should be. And it tastes spectacular."

Iain Uings - Senior Director, GSK

"Gift of half a lamb received this week.
Beautiful looking lamb. All cut into very usable joints and chops. Recipes and herbs included. Had some loin chops grilled with a bit of rosemary. Yum. Well done Nick and Lucy. Great food."

Anne Sherriff - West Lothian Council 

"We bought hogget...Just delicious! Very little waste with no big chunks of fat hidden. The joints packed were small, useable amounts without having to wait for a huge family gathering. The quality is fantastic .. its a shame that flavour can't be photographed...so far we've had shoulder, rack, ginot chop and liver (beautiful! No stringy bits!) and excited for the rest of it."

Victoria Beck - Owner, Taza Clothing Co.

"Fabulous roast dinner, very tasty.  Loved all the little extras in the box. Recipe cards, garlic and bbq rub the fresh rosemary was a nice touch. The Lamb was all cut into small useable sizes, packed, labelled ready for freezer. Excellent service and it arrived exactly when Lucy and Nick said it would."

Karen Wallace - Loyal Customer

"Wowwee!! Amazing to see the love, care & attention putting these boxes together. It’s lovely to know how well looked after the sheepies will have been under the watchful eye of Lucy & Nick!"

Dr. Sophi Dolbear - Veterinary Surgeon