We like to have as little waste as possible and for that reason we send our sheeps skins to the Welsh Organic Tannery who have created a purpose built Organic Tannery, the only organically certified tannery in Wales, based on their smallholding near the foot hills of the Preseli Mountains in South West Wales.

Only using vegetable based tannins which are friendly to people, babies and other animals, their process takes time, experience and is a slower process than chemical and chrome processes. The Organic Certification body does not accept bleaches to whiten the fleece or any chemicals to speed up the process.

Sheep Skin

Over 95% of animal skins in the UK are shipped overseas to be treated chemically, in an uncontrolled environment, these processes can result in many harmful chemicals entering into the final product – this can be easily identified by the white colour on the back of the rug


Lambs Skin Rug - £125

Sheep/Ewe Skin Rug - £135

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