It goes without saying that charcuterie takes time, but for us that time is well before the first sausage linked or loin hung. Selecting the right breed, rearing them the right way and choosing the best natural ingredients is essential to make our product.


Preserving meats by drying, smoking and curing not only extends the shelf life, it also opens up a whole world of possibilities for taste and experience. Whilst our inspiration comes from across the world we try to source as many of our ingredients as locally as possible.


Our tiny smoke house allows us to smoke small batches over specially selected wood varieties further improving the taste of our exquisite meats.


Each month we'll send out two different items from our hand crafted cured meat selection.


Please note: we aim to dispatch all subscriptions, including gift subscriptions, in the second week of each month. Our mailers are designed to fit through standard letter boxes and are sent 1st class. Due to the vacuum packaging and curing process our charcuterie is safe to be transported in this way but please refrigerate upon receipt.



Post Box Charcuterie

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Post Box Charcuterie
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