Why not give a years bacon to your pal, what better way to show someone how much you care, even if that someone is you!


By signing up to monthly post box bacon you will receive two packets of our glorious bacon posted through your door every single month! Our process means our bacon can be shipped at ambient temperatures and all our bacon is suitable for home freezing.

Our bacon, like all our meat, starts life on our farm on the Welsh/Shropshire Borders, roaming diverse pasture, rooting in broadleaf woodland and slowly growing.


Farming alongside nature allows us to produce meat in a sustainable way, our pigs root on a rotational basis, allowing hundreds of native plant species to thrive. This leads to fit healthy pigs with a varied diet which ultimately creates a much tastier product.


We dry cure our meat with our own special recipes utilising salts and blends of herbs, spices and natural flavours. A few weeks hanging and a gentle smoking over carefully selected local wood chips completes the process.


The fat is what really sets our bacon apart, its where all the flavour is so make sure you leave it on for cooking. The rind, which remains on some of our old-fashioned bacon makes amazing crackling!

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