Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

Also known as the ‘Oxford Forest’ or ‘Plum Pudding’ the OSB is one of the oldest pig breeds in the British Isles. It has been documented for around 300 years however in the 20th century the breed started to decline. Meat production in general but poultry and pig especially so were becoming much more intensive. Rearing maximal quantities of the most efficient protein was the aim and because of this, native breeds of livestock became threatened with extinction. 


Thanks to the treeless efforts of many passionate breeders we are lucky enough to have the chance to farm these exquisite pigs today.


The OSB are a lovely ginger colour with lop ears and black spots. The are hardy pigs and can cope with 

varied extreme conditions and due to their natural browsing and foraging drive they are well suited to pasture and woodland rearing. The pigs are docile, easily handled and are excellent mothers. 

Our pigs have large comfortable arks that are bedded with copious amounts of fresh straw. They are few a specialist pellet feed twice daily and have plenty of space to roam, forage and play. 


Providing the pigs with space, sunlight and occasionally(!) rain results in a fit muscular animal that tastes sweet and rich and absolutely devine!

Traveling and being handled can be very stressful for pigs, they dont flock or herd like other livestock. With this in mind we spend plenty of time with our pigs, they are all happy to be scratched and examined and see the trailer as an exciting play thing.