Lucy & Nick

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After completing her Degree in Veterinary Science and qualifying with distinction from the University of Liverpool in 2014 Lucy has worked in a range of practices, treating all creatures great and small. She has always had a keen interest in farming, a Livestock Health and Welfare Elective and multiple farm and livestock management courses have allowed her further improve on her understanding of the science behind livestock farming. A strong Yorkshire upbringing inspired a love of the outdoors, even when it is raining and the mud comes over your wellies!


All this makes for a pretty handy sheep farmer!


Nick spent 10 years in the Royal Navy, travelling globally and gaining a wealth of life experience. 

Upon leaving the RN he worked in the Super Yacht industry for two seasons  providing first class hospitality to very discerning clients. Whilst in Palma he suffered a severe injury on the rugby pitch (1 min in to the game) and had to come home. 

Throughout this time, during leave periods in the RN and in the off-season on Yachts he spent much of his time playing rugby and surfing, splitting his time between Somerset and Sevenoaks. 

When Lucy bought three pet/orphan Lleyn lambs for his 30th Birthday an idea sparked.

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