Lleyn Sheep

The Lleyn is a hardy breed of sheep originating from the Llŷn peninsula, in North Wales. Back in the 1970s this breed was included in the Rare Breed Survival Trusts list.  Since then, the Lleyn has enjoyed a resurgence, the strong maternal instincts, ability to produce good quality milk on poorer grazing and their excellent longevity has proven a winning formula. 


Our ewes give birth in March and rotate onto fresh grassy paddocks with their lambs throughout the spring and summer. By rotating the grazing the grass is kept short, this means it is highly nutritious and that weeds don’t get chance to take hold, reducing the need for supplementary feed and weed killers. Rotating pastures also breaks parasite lifecycles, this means our animals are healthier and need less wormers. Throughout summer the lambs are regularly weighed to check their growth rates which allows us to spot any issues before they become a problem. 

Lleyn Ewes Farm Trees Sheep Dog

Lamb - A sheep that is under one year old, and is known for its delicate flavour and tender flesh.  Our lamb has a rich, varied diet of meadow grasses and clover which intensifies the flavour of our meat to provide a truly different product. Available from July to January.


Hogget - is simply lamb with wanderlust and a decent education.
It’s picked from the field when it’s between twelve and eighteen
months old, so it knows a thing or two about flavour. It doesn’t
overwhelm like old mutton, yet still bleats with ovine delight.
Available January to September.


Mutton - is at least two years old . It has a much stronger, gamier f
lavour than lamb and hogget. Recent years have seen a resurgence in
its popularity. Available all year round.


Tanned Sheepskin - We think it is important to use as much of the
sheep as possible, not just the meat. So why not ask for the skin to
be tanned too, these thick, luxurious skins are something very
special with a wide range of uses such as: a throw, pet bed, bath mat,
bedside rug or just to put in the middle of the floor to tie a room
together. They're all fully Machine washable and with the right care
it will last for years and years.