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Jersey Cattle


The increasing popularity of the Jersey cow for producing rich creamy milk has lead to a problem. Bull calves have always been an issue for the Dairy Industry and a real sticking point for farmers. While there is a market for black and white dairy bull calves jersey bull calves have no economic value. 


Whilst working on such a dairy farm Nick experienced the waste of healthy calves first hand and we looked to find a solution, if there was no market, lets make one, and the calf recycling began!

Calves are collected as early as possible, their mothers do not display maternal instincts like a beef cow would, infact most walk away and leave their calf after calving. We ensure they get plenty of good quality colostrum (first milk) which is essential for giving the calf a temporary immune system whilst it develops its own.


Calves are then fed adlib warm milk, housed in big clean straw beds with their friends and have constant access to meadow hay and calf nuts. When they are old enough the are weaned and turned out to herd rich meadows.





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Beef Selection Box

10 kg of beef including steaks (sirloins, rumps, ribeye fillet, popeseye, flat iron), roasting joints (topside, silverside, brisket), mince and stewing steak to name a few. A great way of sampling all that Jersey Beef has to offer. 

Steak Box

A 5kg box stuffed full with twenty delicious 28-day aged steaks. With sirloins, rumps, ribeye, fillet, popeseye, flat iron, tomahawks, T-bone. This box is a firm favourite and a real treat.

Stewing and Roasting Box

A great selection of our topside, silverside and brisket roasts, stewing & braising steaks and steak mince. With 8kg of prime 28-day aged beef this box is a really economical way of eating high welfare, healthy meat.

We can not guarantee the selection of  but if there is something in particular you would like to be included please ask. 


The calves spend the vast majority of the year outside eating grass and causing havoc.  They are taken upto 18-24 months and are allowed to grow slowly, building lean muscle with delicious marbling. 

Our Beef boxes contain 28 day aged jersey beef in a selection of expertly butchered cuts all vacuum-packed and delivered fresh. Pasture-fed beef is high in antioxidants, has higher vitamin and mineral content and has a better ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.