Founded in early 2016 in Scotland, and as new entrants to the farming industry our task hasn't been an easy one, but it has allowed us to build a farm from the soil up and design a truly individual model. Having formed a solid basis for our business 2020 saw a scaling up, and a move to Wales to facilitate that. 

Surrounded by rich hedgerows and flanked by majestic Oak trees, our 120-acre farm on the Welsh-Shropshire border is the perfect place for us to rear properly free-range beef, pork, lamb and poultry. By carefully curating and continually learning we are able to work in harmony with nature, ensuring that we give back more than we take.  

Native British White. Jersey cattle and Lleyn sheep graze on a rotational system, providing the perfect ecosystem for a wide variety of wildlife.  

Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs roam over pasture and woodland where their inquisitive rooting provides the perfect mechanism to regenerate the woodland floor and allow an explosion of plant life in their wake.  

Poultry wander across the home paddocks, taking herbs, roots and bugs as they fancy. Their foraging ensures plenty of aeration to soil improving its ability to store carbon and reducing parasites on pasture, allowing us minimise chemical use.  

All of our butchery and curing is carried out in-house, allowing us to ensure our amazing product is treated exactly as it deserves.  Sustainability extends to our packaging, with fully recyclable and or home compostable packaging and postage materials used wherever possible.

Our mission is simple, produce high welfare, great tasting meat alongside nature, instead of against it.