Our mission is to produce affordable, ethical and sustainable meat. As new entrants to the farming industry our task hasn't been an easy one, but it has allowed us to build a farm from the soil up and design a truly sustainable and ethical model.

We rear native British breeds, some of them on the Rare breeds Survival Trust list at the foot of the Lundie Craigs on the former Kinpurnie Estate in Angus. 

All our stock live outside forasmuch of their lives as possible, enjoying the sun on their backs and the herb rich meadows that we lovingly tend to ensure not only the health of our livestock but also the health of the soil, plants and wild animals that thrive in our local ecosystem. 

We approach our farm with innovative and fresh minds, we are always learning and seeking out the best way to manage the countryside and our animals to ensure high welfare and an exemplary product. 

We produce beef, pork and lamb year round and deliver fresh artisan butchered meat  across the UK. 



Pool Quay

SY21 9LH


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