Pedigree, grass reared meat, expertly butchered and delivered fresh, direct to your door. 

We invite you to share in our mission to provide an environmentally sympathetic, sustainable, free-range meat that is born and raised with the highest level of welfare, love and care.
Based on the former Kinpurnie Estate, nestled at the foot of Lundie Craigs, the Langston Farm is a flock of Pedigree Lleyn sheep that are reared on pasture with a vast array of meadow plants.
The Lleyn is a hardy breed of sheep originating from the Lleyn peninsula, in North Wales. They are perfectly suited to life roaming grassy pasture and the ewes are excellent mothers. We pride ourselves upon having truly happy animals that produce a fantastic product. We have hand tailored every production stage, from carefully selected bloodlines to the high welfare, local, Artisan Butcher that expertly prepares the meat ready for you to enjoy. 
The commitment we have to our animals doesn't stop when they leave our farm. We personally transport them to our processors at  Stagison where the sheep are allowed two days to settle in, with big, comfy straw beds and stuffed hay racks. Their whole process has been carefully designed to ensure a virtually stress free environment so your meat reaches it's full taste potential.
The carcass is then transported 14mins down the road to our butcher who masterfully prepares and vacuum packs the meat to ensure maximum flavour and freshness. 

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Ethical Meat
Exceptional  Taste

The Langston Flock

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